Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Theatrics In Australia

Romance Was Born
Photo Stefan Gosatti/Getty Image

Backstage at Bianca Spender
Photo Ryan Pierse/Getty Image

Kostantina Mittas
Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Image

Photo by Stefan Gosatti/Getty Image

It was Rosemount Australia Fashion Week recently, and as I went scouring for the latest looks I ended up entranced with the theatrical nature of many of the Aussie shows.  Feathers as eyebrows, very large hair and eye patches abounded not to mention the over the top clothes at Romance Was Born, they're really shaking things up down under.  I'll keep hunting for proper shots of actual collections but for now I couldn't help highlighting the avant garde flair that seemed to pop up almost everywhere.


  1. I love dramatic fashion too:) So beautiful and creative! The shoes on the last photo are stunning:)
    Kisses, sweetie:)

  2. So fun, darling!
    Love the feathers!


  3. This is just too freaking cool. I love the drama too. That is what a fashion show should look like huh? Give me FABULOUS or don't do a show. he he he he. I guess the problem arises when they need to actually "sell" the clothing. THat is a lot of $$ to spend on theatrics. Oh, the life of the artist . . . forever tortured. THe last skirt is amazing, I could see you in that for sure.

  4. Thank you! My english is not good at alla but I do what I can hehe :) Love these romantic looks, so fierce!

    Love honey xxx

  5. Oh my gosh! I love the feather eyebrows!

  6. I'm a sucker for the dramatic as well! I absolutely love these photos and especially your blog :) I'm now following you ! yay!

  7. Wow, those brows are off the charts! I can see you in that last outfit:)

  8. Sometimes I wish I were a model so people would dress me in awesome clothing like that. The feathers on their eyebrows are amazing.