Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kate Spade Spring 2011

Cute accessories from Kate Spade to look forward to for next spring.  I'm really liking the assortment of colors, they're very fun.

Happy Fall Back Sunday.


  1. This may sound odd, but I'm not a huge Kate Spade fan. I like her stuff -- I think those flats and that hat are adorable -- but I don't seem to crave it the way other people do...and I wonder if that's precisely because other people do. I think a psychoanalysis of my fashion sense may be in order.

  2. that yellow bag is calling my name! gorg.

    xo Alison

  3. Gorgeous selections!
    Love that necklace!


  4. I am just like you - never been a huge Kate Spade fan but this bright and colorful spring collection is amazing. Loving that pink purse ...

    And honestly, after looking at these fun spring inspired colors, my mind is full of images of some warm and sunny vacation places.

  5. like wise - never been a huge fan, but i love this jewellry and the hat.

    hope you had an awesome weekend darl xx

  6. Ohh I need to have that last bag and those adorable flats:)
    Kisses,sweetie pie

  7. agree with haydes on the striped bag and with YOU on the fact that i haven't been a kate spade fan until the last year or so... but still not enough of one to have actually bought anything of hers.