Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Keeping It Together

I so relate to this photo right now, with the holidays fast approaching I imagine many of you feel the's a bit crazy and everything feels sort of heighten, doing my best to stay positive but part of me would love to wear this outfit, wave a white flag, fall to the ground (the stairs seem a bit uncomfortable) and utterly surrender.

Another reason for a heavy heart is the surf world lost 32 year old world champion Andy Irons yesterday.  It was one of those moments that was utterly surreal when I heard the news.  He was so strong, vital and it's such a lesson that you absolutely never know.  May his incredible talent never be forgotten and may he forever rest in peace.


  1. I read about it this morning too...Its so very sad!
    I know what you mean about the first photo...I need my white flag too...hahah

  2. How heart breaking. He was so very, very young.

    I know how you feel around the holidays -- I feel the same. I'm swearing off Christmas shopping this year and baking for people instead.

  3. ahh, the top photo.

  4. Gorgeous post!
    Love surfing!


  5. yeah, pretty sad news eh?! pretty stunned by it really.

    and yes, i am in that holding breath till xmas pattern too. why does it happen every year?!

    hope you have a bit of bliss this weekend xx