Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Amazing Jewelry

I've been coveting Pamela Love's Talon Cuff for a while now and when I saw the Pippa Small Peacock Bracelet on InStyle's "If Money Were No Object" list I knew it was time for a bird inspired post.  Both of these pieces are incredibly unique and totally fabulous, I'm now on the hunt for some nature inspired jewels....


  1. That talon cuff is pretty amazing. Fierce and tough meets chic, I dig it.

  2. The peacock bracelet is brilliant!! Such a stunning piece. Happy Tuesday, sunshine!

  3. Amazing is right!
    These are both exquisite.
    I am especially loving the peacock!


  4. Those tallons are "fierce!" Might have to stick with the Peacock cuff. More my speed:)

  5. I am in love with Pamela Love. Her stuff is amazing. Thank you for bringing Pippa Small into my life. That cuff is beautiful.

  6. The peacock bracelet is SPLENDOROUS!! i LOVE the Pamela Love's Talon Cuff too!!!

  7. You arise beauteous in the horizon of the heavens
    Oh living Aten who creates life.
    When you shine forth in the Eastern horizon you fill every land with your beauty.
    You are so beautiful: you are great; gleaming and high over every land.
    Your rays embrace the lands and all you have created;
    You are Re and reach out to all your creations, and hold them for your beloved Son.
    You are afar, but your rays touch the earth;
    Men see you, but know not your ways.

    Thanks...wonderful girl!

  8. Love the jewelry! Would love to see your vintage inspired line . . . we have so much in common! I am your newest follower and your Southern California neighbor! xo Samantha