Friday, January 21, 2011

Paige Premium Denim

I really like these two capris from Paige P. Denim's  S/S '11 collection, both look like they have an excellent fit and would be a cute & comfy addition for my closet.  Liking the relaxed cute tops as well and at first glance I was attracted to the shoulder pad tee but I would definitely have to see that one on live to make my final choice...what do you all think?

P.S. I've been working with a few new male clients and it's been so fun but I'm starting to feel like I need to give them a little love on the blog so here's a cute look from the line for the dudes......


  1. Fabulous looks, especially the menswear!


  2. Is it wrong to love the model's hair more than the jeans?

  3. Love the second pair! And love that your male clientele is increasing! That is so great!:)

  4. My Paige jeans are my absolute favorite! They are so soft! I could sleep in them! xo Samantha

  5. It's so about time to bring out that cropped jeans! We're all so tired of the long winter and it's wooly attire right? :)

  6. I really love the first pair and the male model is really hot!
    Happy Monday, darling
    How was your weekend?