Monday, March 7, 2011

Haider Ackermann Fall '11

Paris Fashion Week is in full swing and Haider Ackermann's collection has been one of my favorites.  Although these clothes are slightly avant garde and maybe not for everyone, I'm in love.  The colors are so vibrant, the cuts are impeccable and the fabrics are glorious.  Sexy, chic, sophisticated and unique all wrapped up in one.  There's rumors he might be replacing John Galliano at Dior, if that's true I cannot wait to see what he designs for such an iconic house. 


  1. Those colours are so amazing and vibrant. I also adore the belt in the first photo. Hope you had a lovely weekend, darling. Happy Monday:) Muah

  2. Gorgeous runway selections, darling!
    Very chic collection!


  3. This clothing is something else, but is it awful that I saw the first model's ears and though "how cute!"? My ears stick out a bit too so it's always nice to see another beautiful woman with a tiny imperfection.

    As to Galliano, how sad for him that he thinks like that. Imagine all the fabulous people he's missed out on knowing. So sad.

  4. Wow! What amazing pieces! But I especially enjoy reading your thoughtful and powerful words about ignorance and racism. Galliano is a sad, sad person who has a very painful journey ahead of him. Unfortunately he has forced me to be anti- Dior for awhile . . . On a more positive note, I wish you a wonderful week! Love you! xo Samantha

  5. i am 100% with you. it is shocking to me that this kind of bullshit still happens. good riddance to someone as ignorant and conceited as galliano... i do hope he gets the help he needs and comes to his damn senses.