Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Anthropologie's Spring Fever

As I was scouring the Internet for inspiration for a new shoot I'm styling next week I landed on Anthropologie's home page.  I was instantly impressed, these backdrops are fabulous!  I'm so in love with the rustic colorful chipped paint and the first outfit head to toe which is unusual because I normally have trouble finding tops from this store, there's often a bit too much applique for my personal taste, I'm liking this new "fuss free" approach!  (I will say I often love their pants madly).  Although the dress isn't really me I assume many of you will love it and I'll take the mirror and shoes in a heartbeat...The jewelry in last shot is pretty fabulous as well, paring it with the cupcakes is genius, they all look so yummy!


  1. always love love Anthro, pity we have no store over here, yet! ;) xoxo

    Giveaway over my place!



  2. You can't go wrong in that store.


  3. I love wearing florals this season and I would totally wear that dress:) Have a fantastic morning, sweetie

  4. So I love the look of chipped paint, but I think in person it could drive me crazy -- I'm too much of a perfectionist I think. I really do love everything Anthropologie does though. They always set the perfect scene.

  5. I love Anthro more than I can express. They are my go-to when I need something fun and fast.

  6. love the top + yellow belt in #1 and totally adore perfectly chipped paint.