Monday, April 11, 2011

Modern Elizabeth

I love this picture from Harper's BAZAAR Singapore, to me she looks like a modern Elizabeth Taylor and it's ironic because TMC showed her movies last night one after another, it was wonderful to watch her on screen to round out the tribute.  I caught Giant and was again floored by her beauty and talent, not to mention I loved watching her act with James Dean.   I know its crazy but I kind of felt her energy passing through, I went to bed feeling quite strong and very inspired.


  1. Gorgeous post!
    Loving that manicure!


  2. That is such a stunning photo and I totally agree that she looks like modern Elizabeth:) Have a lovely Monday, sunshine

  3. She really does look like a modern Elizabeth Taylor. I watched part of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof this weekend and loved it. It's a great play to begin with (written by Tennessee Williams, after all), but Elizabeth nailed her role in it.