Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rodarte For Opening Ceremony

The artistry of this Fall '11 look book is fabulous.  I'm loving the creative energy that radiates off the photos, and it's so cute that twins Gwen and Donna Loos are the models.  The clothes are pretty fabulous as well, its like a dawn of a new vintage age, so retro and proper with a modern dash (hello leather pants).  These dresses are my favorites in the bunch, all three shown are very different from one another yet flow nicely as a collection.  It's excellent work from the Mulleavy sisters once again.


  1. What a wonderfully artistic look book! I think these photos are museum-worthy -- they definitely make you think a bit.

  2. Love this collection!
    Such a talented team!


  3. I really do not know how they do it, but Rodarte consistently brings the pretty and surpasses my expectations each and every time. If ever someone were to work out the formula of "how to make me immediately swoon," it is Rodarte!

  4. Each photo is so incredibly amazing and those dresses are wonderful. I'd love to own both from the second photo. Happy Wednesday, sunshine. Muah

  5. Autumn DeWilde shot these, I agree they are such amazing images, but she is also my favorite photographer ever!