Friday, November 4, 2011

Coco Rocha For Senhoa

Coco has lent her time, name and design skills to Senhoa, a fantastic brand that supports victims of human trafficking by providing jobs as well as educational and social programs for women in Cambodia who have been abused.  Coco met the founder Lisa Nguyen the day before her wedding in Paris and was so touched by the cause she knew she wanted to be apart of it.  Featuring clear and multi colored Swarovski crystals she's created a gorgeous and unique seven piece collection made from the hands of the women the charity supports.  These jewels are the perfect accessory for the holidays, would make a fantastic gift, and can be purchased here.  

I so want those earrings in the first pic, I also love this bracelet.


  1. She is stunning!
    And I love that bracelet!


  2. Bad ass! Loving the power in these photos.

  3. bad ass is the perfect description... love it!

  4. Incredible! That bracelet is so amazing. Hope you had a fantastic weekend, sunshine.