Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Seriously Cute

I not only love this shot from Fashion Gone Rogue's latest editorial because the outfit is the cutest, I also love it because the hat and scarf are the stylist's own as listed in the credits.  Now that's a good hire.

Photos: Rodrigo Carmuega
Stylist:Karina Tanabe Jones


  1. I LOVE when that happens. Any woman who owns that scarf can be my bestie any day ;)

  2. What an interesting photograph...the rolling hill she's "cuddled" up to looks like a pillowy soft bed. But, when I think about the angle she's at, it must have been steep...and bumpy...very interesting texture. Love it!

  3. It's a look like this that makes me glad I'm in a place where we get real chilly winter weather. That said, I could have also just moved to northern CA and still had an excuse to wear such a bundled outfit. I love it though. Is it just me or does it have a very "move to Europe" feel?

  4. yeah, i'm super into the hat and scarf... good hire indeed!