Friday, September 28, 2012

Modern Skater Girl

I was definitely a skater girl back in the day and I gotta say I love this modern look.  It's high fashion grunge perfection.  That jacket is so rad, I want it at this age now!

How cute are skaters?  I just couldn't resist them when I was a youngin.  

Photos:Attilio D'Agostino for Fashion Gone Rogue


  1. i have a skater here, and yeah he's pretty cute! : )

    i love that jacket too, it's fabulous. xx

  2. I can totally see you in that jacket. Very you.
    I always wanted to pull off a look like this, but I felt like I never had the right face for it.

  3. i used to think skater boys were the cutest of allllll the boys.

    and that jacket... so very lovely. *sigh*