Saturday, May 21, 2011

Incredible Rings, Incredible Art

How incredibly gorgeous are these rings by Dawes Design??  Designer Jennifer Dawes has some serious metal smithing skills!  On her website it's explained that they're made to be stacked and can even be bought and worn interweaving different collections.  Not only are they stunning and each handmade they're also completely Eco friendly.  She uses recycled gold, conflict free diamonds and responsibly mined stones and has created Sustainably Beautiful which is her initiative to design jewelry with social and environmental accountability.  

I was introduced to this line by my friend Allison Renshaw who's very good friends with Jennifer and an amazing artist herself.  Allison paints incredible abstract pieces using mixed media and has shown all over the country.  She had an exhibition at the Oceanside Museum of Art last year and I was absolutely blown away by the magnificence of each piece.  I own a small Renshaw and it's literally one of my prized possessions, she's definitely one to watch.


Viva Glam


Tiny Little Sparks

For more information on Allison's work click here.


  1. I am in love with that last set of rings. I love the idea of stacking...the more the merrier.

  2. Love the detail on those rings very stunning. The first ring is def me!

  3. What fabulous jewelry!
    I love stackable rings!


  4. LOVE those rings and love that you can collect and stack! beautiful artwork too!

  5. Love that stack with rose gold. So pretty!

  6. Oh my goodness..those rings are so beautiful and I adore those art pieces. Wow..such a stunning post, darling