Monday, July 26, 2010

Camel And Its Counterparts

It's very clear camel is all the rage for Fall 2010, and Vogue UK spotlights the color perfectly in this beautiful editorial.  I love their above advice, pair it with another color in the brown family for an effective and cute balance.   I also agree buying a fabulous dress here and there is always nice, like the gorgeous knit one above, but in general separates are key and the best way to expand your wardrobe to keep the outfits coming.


  1. Oh I love camel. Last year in New York I wanted to buy a camel Max Mara winter coat. But it was much too expensive...

  2. Let me just start of by saying that this girl is so pretty...I have a little girl crush here...hahahah:)Love her hair:)
    The last dress is like a dream and the whole top outfit rocks...I adore brown in fall...Its very comforting:) Dont you think?

    Kisses,sweetie and have a wonderful Monday

  3. This is my kind of post!! A) She's wearing clothes that I'd wear and B) She's wearing my favorite color!

  4. Gorgeous looks!
    Loving camel!


  5. You know these colors are so me! Camel coats remind me of the beautiful Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. She wore the Prada one the absolute best! There is no other like her!

  6. Beautiful fashion spread. i do love camel tones!

    Just to let you know i'm hosting a giveaway, hope you enter:

  7. man those wedges and the lace up boots further down are making me giddy -


  8. camel, camel, camel everywhere. it's not the best color for my complexion but perhaps with enough rouge on my cheeks?

    love your blog! I will follow

  9. im loving the camel and nude tones