Saturday, July 24, 2010

Faux Real

Faux fur is the only fur for me and I could really use some right now!  I think a fabulous faux vest would make this cold Cali summer a lot more fun.


  1. Love your post title and this pic.

    And btw I'll trade you your chilly Cali summer for this northeastern heat wave, darling!


  2. I could use a whiff of your cold weather here! It's soo hot. Lovely picture although the thought of wearing anything like that now makes me sweat:-).

  3. Yes, too damn cold. You are a fashionista, come over here and get me in something summery that doesn't look like fall. :) All my summer outfits are adorable but not for CALI. It would be cheaper to buy a plane ticket than a new summer wardrobe so maybe I will head down to Costa Rica with my cute little tank tops. he he.

  4. It looks really cozy and warm...I am loving her top so much:) Kisses ,sweetie and have a wonderful Sunday:)
    I am off for a hike:)...Kisses

  5. Truly beautiful! Hope you're having a lovely summertime.

    Cheers: Evi