Wednesday, January 7, 2015

First Week of 2015 - Pinterest Roundup

Happy New Year lovies!  I needed a blogging break over the holidays, but I'm back and ready to create some fun posts over the next 12 months.  I have lots of ideas, beauty tips, interviews and more in store, I'm excited!  All this week I've been searching high and low for content to start the year, but nothing grabbed my attention. Then I remembered what always has tons of inspiration for me (and everyone) is Pinterest.  Of course, the content isn't always the most current, but I'm not concerned with the latest trends.  I just want to be inspired by great fashion, awesome beauty, amazing travel, gorgeous interiors, and yummy food.  So I'm starting a Pin Roundup feature that will be rolling all year.  Here's the first one. 

Love this look from Massimo Dutti for Winter 2015.  It's so clean and fresh.

I'm currently obsessed with sweet potatoes, and my mouth watered when I saw these vegan sweet potato quinoa patties.  They look delish.

This is some street style I can get behind.  Love the yellow, gray & black combination, and the whole look in general is so cute.

I need much more art in my life this year.  I've been feeling the desire to paint and draw again, after years of being on hiatus.  This painting by Dejan Dukic is gorgeous and inspiring.

This make-up is 2015 perfection.  It's captivating, but not overwhelming.  And the denim + hat combo is super cute, without trying so hard.  Keep it simple, it's one of my New Year mottos.

I love fashion, but I'm also totally obsessed with interior design.  This kitchen is pretty much the cocina of my dreams.

Love this bun, it's super modern and very refreshing.  A great look for the new year. 

Manhattan pins abound, and I love seeing them all. I'm craving lots of NYC time in 2015, it feels imperative.

I also love all the inspirational pins I see.  These are some serious words to live by, and the theme of 2015.  It's a powerful year of expansion, action, and manifestation (it's an infinity 8 year).  Let's all be victorious, shall we?  Wishing each of you the best year yet!!

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