Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Spring Into Summer Wardrobe Inspiration

Spring is in full swing, and summer is on its way.  This time of year things start to feel a bit more casual and relaxed when getting dressed.  Here are a few looks inspiring my spring into summer wardrobe.

A light and comfy jean jacket with a flowy stripped dress, yes please.

Love this (including the fab nails).  We had such a hot winter, but spring has brought a few cooler days to SoCal. This look would be great during those times when the temperature dips.

The Man Repeller has got it going on with this rad shirt dress.

I'm so down with this stripe on stripe look from J. Crew.  It's the perfect way to look sharp, without looking stuffy.

I saw these flats by Free People on Pinterest and flipped.  I'm in love.

And lastly, these lace up heels also from Free People are gorgeous, while still looking relaxed.  I absolutely love them.

1 comment:

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