Thursday, June 18, 2015


My friend Nicole recently started selling Beautycounter, and after seeing a few of her Facebook posts I became very intrigued.  I'm an organic/all natural skin care junkie and always love to try new brands.  Although this company isn't certified organic, they use as many organic ingredients as possible, and it's one of the purest lines available.  I had no idea the industry isn't regulated and apparently these 'natural' brands I was using are filled with toxins. Beautycounter has a list of 1,500 ingredients to avoid and offers some of the safest products on the market.  Safety aside, these products also deliver.  After trying some samples of their Countertime line for a week I was very impressed and fell for their eye cream and facial serum (I also ordered their tinted sunscreen Dew Skin, it's fabulous).  Their moisturizers are lovely as well, very hydrating and smooth.  I'm personally addicted to oils, but if you're a cream fan their options are really nice.  For more information, or to order online click here.

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